Ignite engines.

Innovation is a daredevil sport. You’ve got to see with your eyes closed.


Building great products can be stressful, complex and lonely. The best intentions often fall short.

Engine Solution

Engines are structured, customer first systems. They bring clarity to build efficient, repeatable value.


Our startup engine has three key parts – discovery, experience and repetition. Like all our engines, each part isn’t a one-off activity. It’s a routine practice of establishing an effective business.


Use first principles to uncover non-obvious patterns that create value for a niche audience.

Searching for, and discovering original opportunities takes a unique blend of scientic rigour and emotional intelligence – best approached in a structured way.

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Craft a high quality experience, tailored to the emotional needs of the niche audience.

When opportunities are discovered, the next challenge is to prioritise for impact and develop a solution that delivers an engaging experience.

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Purposefully create the ability to repeat and improve the solution experience for paying customers.

Commercial and operational strategy are often the missing link between startup success and failure.

Relevant Services


For projects we love and match our mission, we offer a co-investment option up to 50% of total costs with us, in exchange for equity.

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Sometimes lightspeed just isn’t fast enough. While some things are just plain hard, there are many things we can do to save you loosing hair and sleep.